5 Tips for Productivity in Remote Working

Who wouldn’t love to work from a beach with flexible hours and a good rate? This is a dream come true for a good number of remote workers. But a majority of remote workers are happily doing their thing from home. Unfortunately, the flexible hours and unhurried environment can take its toll on productivity. There are many distractions; children, pets, TV, Facebook and so on.  The biggest challenge for a remote worker is staying focused and keeping productivity at peak levels. You can try out these tips to keep your productivity levels impressive;

Make a schedule and follow it

Remote working does not put you in a work-mode routine as you would be in when heading out for a 9-to-5 shift. This can make you a bit lax with the work hours; after all, no one is breathing down your neck and no one can stop you dashing off for a quick cup of coffee.

This on and off routine lowers your productivity significantly because you are not focused. Make a schedule just like you would if you were in an office. Stick to it and let it grow on you. It does not matter if you show up in your pajamas but show up promptly at 10 and begin work.

Make a priority list

Your priorities determine your workflow. Misplaced priorities will see you not laying the foundation you require for later tasks. You work in a disjointed manner which is likely to disorganize your mental and physical energy flow as well.

Prioritizing improves your focus a lot as you know where your energy should be focused on.  Learn to avoid distractions. Set time limits for tasks so that you are able to push yourself to accomplish the tasks on time.

Set up a workplace

As much as you can work from anywhere, it helps to have a workplace that is conducive to concentration. Set apart one room in the house that is quiet and calm. If you have to work from your bedroom or hotel room, ensure that you have blocked off as much noise as possible. Switch off the TV and Radio, and if it helps unplug your Facebook to avoid the tempting distractions.

Remember to invest in a good quality working desk and chair. Your posture when working long hours has a great bearing on your productivity.

Choose your tools wisely

There are great free tools available for all your needs in remote working; video conferencing, file sharing, storage, collaboration and project management. Google will tell you.


Always remember to look after yourself. Even with a pressing schedule, take a break, stretch your legs and take in the views and fresh air.

Can You Beat End of Tenancy Cleaning Prices?

Ask different tenants and they will have very mixed views on the use of end of tenancy cleaning services. The biggest grouse is about the cleaning prices. A good number of people complain that the price invalidates the whole thing of getting quick services. Some will try to do the end of tenancy cleaning DIY style with mixed results.

End of tenancy cleaning services bring in a number of time and cost benefits that would otherwise be unrealized when cleaning DIY style.

Time convenience

If you are living in a 3-bedroom house or bigger, it is a bit unrealistic to expect that you can clean it from top to bottom as a family of two or even four people. End of tenancy cleaning involves dusting the ceiling, wiping marks off walls, removing stubborn stains in the carpet and tens of other time consuming tasks. If you have to move in a hurry, it is highly unlikely that you would be able to clean a house thoroughly as needed.

Moving houses is a hectic time. You have to make arrangements to clean the new house. You have to plan where to place your items to fit, especially if you are moving into a smaller house.  You need to pack properly ensuring that nothing has been left behind. The last thing on your mind would be cleaning.

Leaving end of tenancy cleaning leaves you to do all these other important tasks properly.  Displacing your legal papers would be more disastrous than losing your tenancy deposit. It would be better to leave the cleaning to a professional.

There is also the issue of sourcing the manpower, equipment and cleaning materials. If you had to do it all, you could spend at least a week getting together all you needed. When you engage professional end of tenancy cleaning services, you simply pick up quotations, compare and sign a contract with the most impressive service. It takes less than a day to get a professional end of tenancy cleaning service.

Cost benefits

Apart from avoiding the hassle of running around buying equipment and cleaning material, you avoid the hefty costs of buying or renting this equipment. This is a very crucial money-saving move considering that this would be equipment to use only once. End of Tenancy Cleaning Prices could be high at times and its worth it searching various companies for best prices available.

Engaging a professional cleaning service requires a one-off payment. You pay for everything in one go. Remember that there are risks costs. These would be the risks involved in working at high heights, handling harsh chemicals and lifting heavy items.

The costs-benefits analysis of hiring an end of tenancy cleaning service vs DIY cleaning are firmly in favor of hiring professionals foe the job.

5 Top Tools for Home Working in 2018

The idea of remote working is becoming increasingly accepted as many organizations realize the productivity and financial benefits of this arrangements. Whether you are a freelancer or employed by an entity, remote working also offers more opportunities and freedom. The good news is that there are tens of tools you can use to optimize your productivity, collaboration and creativity. There is a wide variety of both paid and free tools. These are some of the tools you should be trying out in 2018;

Facebook Workplace

What can you expect from the biggest social networking platform? A good tool in collaboration is what Facebook Workplace is. It can be used for virtually task in a team, from making announcement to sharing news. It is relatively easy to use, having been modelled on private messenger.

This tool brings a casual-official mix to remote working. You can comment, mention and like just like on your private Facebook.

Google Docs

With all the hype about cloud computing, Google simplified it all and delivered one of the most effective free tools for remote workers. Google Docs is a platform on which you can work on spreadsheets, presentations and Word format documents.

The best thing about Google Docs is that several members of the team can work on the same document in real time and see the changes. Added to Google Hangouts, this becomes a fully functional conferencing platform. You have 15 GB of free storage for your documents.


Managing a team remotely can be a headache, especially when it comes to invoicing, reporting and tracking. Everhour is a fast-rising project management tool that combines several of the most popular tools on the market today; BaseCamp, Asana, Trello, GitHub, BitBucket, and Teamwork. This is a very handy tool for remote project management, giving you well-presented information in several formats.


Unlike other videoconferencing tools, Appear.in does not require you to install an app or web extension. Everything is browser based. You create a meeting room, share the link and voila! You have a fully functional videoconferencing meeting going on. The good thing is that you can view the meet on any device, as long as your browser is functional. If you are on a team with tech challenged members, this is a useful tool.


Do you find it hard to track different team member login details? 1password is a tool to help you create usernames and passwords for your team members from a central point. It also allows to allocate different levels of user rights.

As a freelancer or remote manager, using the above tools can boost you and your team’s productivity significantly. This way you can enjoy the extraneous benefits of remote working like flexible hours and beautiful views.

Are End of Tenancy Cleaning Services Worth it?

You are expected at your new work station in the next two weeks. You have to look for a new house, pack and move. But you also need the tenancy deposit on your previous house. Seeing as it is that you cannot do all this in two weeks, the only viable option seems to be using an end of tenancy cleaning service. Your biggest concern is that the price of cleaning your 3-bedroom apartment from top to bottom will eat into your tenancy deposit and be hardly worth the investment. Is it really worth it engaging end of tenancy cleaning services?

You don’t have the time

Cleaning a standard 2-bedroom house from top to bottom will take you two days with the family pitching in. The work gets harder and the hours get longer with a bigger house. If you are moving in a hurry, you simply don’t have the time to clean the house thoroughly as needed.

You don’t have the skills

Getting rid of cobwebs on the ceiling requires high ladders and climbing skills. You also need skills handling heavy furniture items. Getting stubborn stains off the carpet and upholstery will also require handling industrial grade detergents. All these are skills that you or your family members do not have. It is better to let the professionals handle it.

Professional cleaning services have experienced cleaning crews that can handle stuff like stubborn stains on the carpet, or working at heights. They also have heavy duty cleaning equipment and the necessary cleaning materials to do a passable job.

It is more convenient

If you had to come back to the house to clean it, there would be huge inconveniences for you. It would mean commuting back, arranging for accommodation and spending good time doing the work. This is simply untenable and unreasonable. Asking an end of tenancy cleaning service to do the job is far more convenient and sensible.

The landlord is unlikely to dispute

The truth is that a professional cleaning crew can work at a higher level than you can ever do. They have the skills and experience. This shows in the end results. The bathtubs will be descaled, the grime in the kitchen gone, and the stubborn stains in the hallway carpet removed. The landlord will hardly find a spot he can complain about.

If you need to move houses more conveniently, timely and get your deposit back. There is no doubt that engaging an end of tenancy cleaning service is worth it.

Four Proven Strategies for Working from Home

Do you enjoy working from home? If you don’t, it could be because you have not devised the right strategies. Anybody who wants to work remotely away from the house has to be strategic. It’s hard to work from home. It’s not as rosy as you probably imagine. Yes, you set your own hours and have no boss supervising every little thing you do. The one downside is you can only succeed with a higher level of self-discipline than if you worked away from home.

Below are four proven strategies you should apply to work from home successfully.

Start the day on the right footing

Avoid starting the day on social media or other distractions as they can set the pace for the rest of the day. Wake up as early as possible. Start work as early as 6am-7am. However, do not rush to the workplace until you have already made the bed. The first and most important task you should accomplish in the morning is making your bed. Take a glass of water to increase your metabolic rate.

Change the work environment

You may not be able to carry everything you need, but it pays to change your work environment occasionally. For example, why don’t you consider working from the local coffee shop? Alternatively, the local co-working space may also do you plenty of good. The ambient noise prevalent in the new surroundings could improve your productivity a lot. There are moments when you focus better with light noise rather than silence.

Understand and Maximize Your Willpower

Few of us fully understand what willpower truly is. It is a quintessential trait of all humans. You have to understand that willpower is a finite rather than infinite resource. At the start of the day, you are likely to have it in abundance. As the day progresses, however, your willpower is likely to reduce. Willpower is like energy. Expend little of it. Know how to manage it so it doesn’t run out early in the day before you have done much.

Work in the kind of environment that makes failure impossible.

Be ready with everything you need to start the day on a strong footing.

Separate the Work from Personal Spaces

Lastly, learn to keep your spaces separate from each other. Maintain and observe boundaries that define and separate your work from personal spaces. Keep a room – or a part of it, at least – dedicated specifically for work. Avoid working from bed where your partner or kids will not hesitate to jump in and disturb you. Build a specific place for work. What is more, dress for work even if you intend to work from the comforts of your home.

Four Ways You Can Work from Home More Efficiently 

In the 21 Century, more people will change how they work. Many are already opting to forego the stress of commuting to work and back home every day. Instead, they are choosing to work from home. There is no shame in working from home today. Freelancers form the biggest group of individuals who opt to conduct their work from home. However, there is a right and more effective way of working from the comforts of your home.

Below are some of the ways you can work from home more efficiently.

Regular Schedule

First, keep to a regular schedule. Otherwise, you run the risk of slacking off and being lazy. Set a schedule and determine to stick to it no matter what. This way, you will have succeeded in structuring your day and keeping yourself motivated. Get up early. Put on nice clothes, just as you would if you were going to the office. Stay away from all manner of online distractions. Keep everything you do within a rhythm that you can monitor.

Be flexible enough to set aside some time for downtime. After all, you are not a robot.

Set Boundaries

When working from home, you always run the risk of mixing everything up to a point you can’t tell the difference between work and home life. Therefore, learn to set clear boundaries. Set aside a space or room in your home specifically for work. Leave that space when you’re no longer working. Let everybody – including friends and family – to understand that once you are in that room or space, you’re not to be disturbed until you finish working.

Take Breaks

When at home, it is tempting to stay behind your desk the whole day without any breaks. Perhaps, you consider the environment less stressful than the office where you can’t help but take regular breaks. However, you still need to take regular breaks when working from home. Breaks are good for blood circulation. Breaks also keep your head clear to handle the remaining tasks. Breaks improve your productivity too.

Your brain needs as many breaks as possible from the work you are doing.

Work for around 50 minutes intensely before taking a 15-minute break.

Keep Your Connections Strong

It is easy to isolate yourself from everyone and everything around you when working from home to a point your social interactions disappear or suffer. Studies show that you need your social interactions. Invest in these interactions. Plan your time well so your loved ones and friends don’t feel abandoned. Too much isolation will only weaken your productivity and make you less motivated.

Don’t limit these interactions to family only.

Instead, go on coffee meetings with friends, peers, clients and colleagues.