5 Tips for Productivity in Remote Working

Who wouldn’t love to work from a beach with flexible hours and a good rate? This is a dream come true for a good number of remote workers. But a majority of remote workers are happily doing their thing from home. Unfortunately, the flexible hours and unhurried environment can take its toll on productivity. There are many distractions; children, pets, TV, Facebook and so on.  The biggest challenge for a remote worker is staying focused and keeping productivity at peak levels. You can try out these tips to keep your productivity levels impressive;

Make a schedule and follow it

Remote working does not put you in a work-mode routine as you would be in when heading out for a 9-to-5 shift. This can make you a bit lax with the work hours; after all, no one is breathing down your neck and no one can stop you dashing off for a quick cup of coffee.

This on and off routine lowers your productivity significantly because you are not focused. Make a schedule just like you would if you were in an office. Stick to it and let it grow on you. It does not matter if you show up in your pajamas but show up promptly at 10 and begin work.

Make a priority list

Your priorities determine your workflow. Misplaced priorities will see you not laying the foundation you require for later tasks. You work in a disjointed manner which is likely to disorganize your mental and physical energy flow as well.

Prioritizing improves your focus a lot as you know where your energy should be focused on.  Learn to avoid distractions. Set time limits for tasks so that you are able to push yourself to accomplish the tasks on time.

Set up a workplace

As much as you can work from anywhere, it helps to have a workplace that is conducive to concentration. Set apart one room in the house that is quiet and calm. If you have to work from your bedroom or hotel room, ensure that you have blocked off as much noise as possible. Switch off the TV and Radio, and if it helps unplug your Facebook to avoid the tempting distractions.

Remember to invest in a good quality working desk and chair. Your posture when working long hours has a great bearing on your productivity.

Choose your tools wisely

There are great free tools available for all your needs in remote working; video conferencing, file sharing, storage, collaboration and project management. Google will tell you.


Always remember to look after yourself. Even with a pressing schedule, take a break, stretch your legs and take in the views and fresh air.