Are End of Tenancy Cleaning Services Worth it?

You are expected at your new work station in the next two weeks. You have to look for a new house, pack and move. But you also need the tenancy deposit on your previous house. Seeing as it is that you cannot do all this in two weeks, the only viable option seems to be using an end of tenancy cleaning service. Your biggest concern is that the price of cleaning your 3-bedroom apartment from top to bottom will eat into your tenancy deposit and be hardly worth the investment. Is it really worth it engaging end of tenancy cleaning services?

You don’t have the time

Cleaning a standard 2-bedroom house from top to bottom will take you two days with the family pitching in. The work gets harder and the hours get longer with a bigger house. If you are moving in a hurry, you simply don’t have the time to clean the house thoroughly as needed.

You don’t have the skills

Getting rid of cobwebs on the ceiling requires high ladders and climbing skills. You also need skills handling heavy furniture items. Getting stubborn stains off the carpet and upholstery will also require handling industrial grade detergents. All these are skills that you or your family members do not have. It is better to let the professionals handle it.

Professional cleaning services have experienced cleaning crews that can handle stuff like stubborn stains on the carpet, or working at heights. They also have heavy duty cleaning equipment and the necessary cleaning materials to do a passable job.

It is more convenient

If you had to come back to the house to clean it, there would be huge inconveniences for you. It would mean commuting back, arranging for accommodation and spending good time doing the work. This is simply untenable and unreasonable. Asking an end of tenancy cleaning service to do the job is far more convenient and sensible.

The landlord is unlikely to dispute

The truth is that a professional cleaning crew can work at a higher level than you can ever do. They have the skills and experience. This shows in the end results. The bathtubs will be descaled, the grime in the kitchen gone, and the stubborn stains in the hallway carpet removed. The landlord will hardly find a spot he can complain about.

If you need to move houses more conveniently, timely and get your deposit back. There is no doubt that engaging an end of tenancy cleaning service is worth it.