5 Top Tools for Home Working in 2018

The idea of remote working is becoming increasingly accepted as many organizations realize the productivity and financial benefits of this arrangements. Whether you are a freelancer or employed by an entity, remote working also offers more opportunities and freedom. The good news is that there are tens of tools you can use to optimize your productivity, collaboration and creativity. There is a wide variety of both paid and free tools. These are some of the tools you should be trying out in 2018;

Facebook Workplace

What can you expect from the biggest social networking platform? A good tool in collaboration is what Facebook Workplace is. It can be used for virtually task in a team, from making announcement to sharing news. It is relatively easy to use, having been modelled on private messenger.

This tool brings a casual-official mix to remote working. You can comment, mention and like just like on your private Facebook.

Google Docs

With all the hype about cloud computing, Google simplified it all and delivered one of the most effective free tools for remote workers. Google Docs is a platform on which you can work on spreadsheets, presentations and Word format documents.

The best thing about Google Docs is that several members of the team can work on the same document in real time and see the changes. Added to Google Hangouts, this becomes a fully functional conferencing platform. You have 15 GB of free storage for your documents.


Managing a team remotely can be a headache, especially when it comes to invoicing, reporting and tracking. Everhour is a fast-rising project management tool that combines several of the most popular tools on the market today; BaseCamp, Asana, Trello, GitHub, BitBucket, and Teamwork. This is a very handy tool for remote project management, giving you well-presented information in several formats.


Unlike other videoconferencing tools, Appear.in does not require you to install an app or web extension. Everything is browser based. You create a meeting room, share the link and voila! You have a fully functional videoconferencing meeting going on. The good thing is that you can view the meet on any device, as long as your browser is functional. If you are on a team with tech challenged members, this is a useful tool.


Do you find it hard to track different team member login details? 1password is a tool to help you create usernames and passwords for your team members from a central point. It also allows to allocate different levels of user rights.

As a freelancer or remote manager, using the above tools can boost you and your team’s productivity significantly. This way you can enjoy the extraneous benefits of remote working like flexible hours and beautiful views.